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Note: if you are submitting private tracks from SoundCloud, please use the private link as a streaming link so we can listen to the track. Also don’t delete the track if you don’t get a quick response, we can not reply to every single submission that is being sent through the submission form. We are listening to all submissions.

What can Future's Finest offer for me as an artist?

We have a huge network of professionals and promoters in the Future House community. Therefor we can release and promote your tracks to a very large audience and a high amount of bigger artists.

Can I submit multiple tracks?

Yes, you can! But beware: do not spam the same track over and over again. If you do, our email server will detect it as spam and automatically block all communications.

When do I get a response?

If your track is good enough we will usually respond within 48 hours. Follow us on our promotional networks to keep updated on the submissions we receive and promote, release or repost.

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