Future House

In this section you will find all your favourite reviews and blog posts about Future House! The genre features all kind of House tracks that sound new and refreshing and therefor the future of house. Many people agree on the fact that the well known artist Tchami is one of the founders of this great genre. His fresh influences on the House music you hear nowadays set a new standard for many young and creative producers. But thanks to Oliver Heldens the new House genre got worldwide attention and he made it a lot more commercial than it was before. We can’t wait what the genre will bring us the next couple of years, new stars will rise for sure! The Future House scene is filled with amazing young talent and they are literally the future!

We would live to mention some of the artists that we truly believe in and that’s why we give them a little feature here on our website. Of course the mastermind Tchami is one of them, but he does not need any introduction. Another producer/dj that doesn’t need an introduction is Oliver Heldens. From his first big track “Gecko” to his latest works, he proves that he’s a very diverse producer and he’s rocking on Hi-Lo lately as well!

If you’re more into deep and techy styled House then Mr. Beltz & Wezol are the right guys for you. Their productions are insane lately and their livesets are top class as well. If you have a chance to hear them live, definitely do! If you’re more into raw Future House, then Jonas Aden and Curbi are the right fit for you. We’ve met Jonas Aden a while back and he’s a very humble guy. Keep an eye on him for his upcoming releases. Curbi on the other hand creates a more dirty bass vibe in his releases. The young English producer teams up with Bougenvilla a lot and their styles set apart from all the stuff we’ve heard so far.

Adding to the list; Brooks. This guy combines the best Future elements with energetic Big Room House sounds and the way he does it is truly unique. Definitely start following him if you’re not ready to go one more deepah in transitioning from Big Room to Future House. Tom Budin on the other hand, he definitely “goes one deeper” in his amazing use of synths and deep sounds in his productions. The versatile producer from Australia is rocking the genre all the way from down under.

At last we would like to mention Mike Williams and our good friend Debris. Mike Williams is ready to shift the scene to a whole different level combining bouncy styled basslines with amazing top melodies. Debris on the other hand goes a little more into a more industrial direction. His recent tracks can be described as perfect examples for Future House but trust me, his new productions are off the limit. He experiments with the genre like no other and that’s why he’s also mentioned in our top favourite producers.